Media & Well-being: Meeting the World

This introductory blended learning course to the field of media & well-being offers a wide perspective – covering the time from birth to 21 years of age.

The ENSWaP Hour - March

After our very successful first ENSWaP Hour with Giorgio Capellani and 170 participants from all over the world it is time for our second ENSWaP Hour!

The ENSWaP Hour

We are starting a monthly meeting where we have a speaker, and we have a chance to discuss issues that concern us. This school year we will have teachers who...

Looking Back On The 2018 Conference

In April 2018, we, Waldorf parents from across Europe gathered together in Bologna, Italy, to discuss one of the greatest issues of our time: digital media a...

Impressions of a Conference

Our last ENSWaP annual conference took place in beautiful Veszprém, an hour and a half away from Budapest. The organising group, under the banner of dear Már...

My First ENSWaP Conference

My first ENSWaP experience is about community. My expectation before the conference was to meet some people, and to listen to some lectures and eventually po...


ENSWaP Conference 2018

The annual ENSWaP conference in 2018 took place in Bologna, Italy on the 13-15th of April.


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