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We have restarted our regular event, the ENSWaP Hours on hot topics in the parent community.

In the Zoom meeting everyone’s microphone was muted, except the speaker’s, but undoubtedly it would have been a deafening silence, even if we sat in a room together. Olena was explaining to us how Waldorf school s operate these days in Ukraine, how the teachers and families are doing beyond their best, and how it is to teach in a bomb shelter. In the end, a teacher from Odessa, Ukraine, joined us sharing their happiness as their shelter is ready and they can start teaching soon. When we were asked to give questions, there was a silence you only experience after a concert or a theatre play where Bach, Mahler or Dostoevsky has grabbed your heart tightly. The connection we felt at the moment, regardless of our GPS positions, is building bridges between Europe, the US, Russia, China, Brazil, Ukraine, and all the other countries our attendees were from.

We share the hope that we helped to strengthen these bridges of humanity around the globe. Hopefully, in the future, we may address lighter topics, and that we will only find such heartbreaking drama again on the stage of theatres and concert halls. We hope this strong restart of the ENSWaP Hours will continue, and parents from all around the globe will find these meetings valuable.

The ENSWaP Hour 4 will be held in December. For more info click here.