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Challenging times - childhood in times of crisis - An introduction into ways of strengthening today’s children in schools and at home. Worldwide humanity experiences times of growing crisis - may it be a pandemic, war, forced migration, climate change and/or poverty. Today’s children grow up in this global environment. What does this mean for us adults whose task it is to accompany and educate these children. Do we need an extra understanding for today’s children? Do we need extra educational tools? What does the situation require from us? Waldorf-inspired emergency educational organisations like stART international have been working on these questions for more than 15 years and are sharing their knowledge.

Francesco Zoccarato is a communication scientist and holds an MA in “International politics and global economy”. He has been a board member of stART international for many years and has extensive work experience in international project development, implementation, team leadership and coaching. Both in his private and professional life, he is interested in an interdisciplinary, intercultural and team-oriented approach to life and work. He is particularly interested in the meaning of “spaces in between”.

Barbara Schiller is managing director and founding member of stART international e.V. She has an interdisciplinary educational background that includes legal, pedagogical, therapeutic and artistic topics and lives in an intercultural professional and living environment. Since 2008, her main professional focus has been artistic-pedagogical-traumatherapeutic emergency aid for children and families after wars, natural disasters, pandemics and forced migration; inclusion work with people with and without refugee background in Germany and Europe and international development cooperation through Waldorf-inspired educators’ and teacher training and further education. She is interested in working out of the future.

Moderated by: Christopher Clouder

Time: 7th December 2022, 7 p.m. CET (60 minutes)

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