European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents

The purpose of ENSWaP is to develop solidarity and understanding for a more harmonious world through Steiner Waldorf education and school communities.

ENSWaP is a network for the support of Waldorf parents through the exchange of ideas and personal experiences concerning Steiner Waldorf education.

While ENSWaP has its roots back in the 90’s, the current network was started in 2007. Since then it has been growing steadily with more and more countries attending our conferences each year.

We wish to provide a network of exchange with the participation of those countries who already have working Waldorf associations and those who are still establishing schools and associations, which is, in many countries, a difficult task.

Every year in the spring ENSWaP organises a conference together with a Steiner Waldorf School in Europe. Waldorf parents from all over Europe get a chance to get to know one another, share information and experiences, and work on conference themes such as “Why Waldorf? Positive Experiences in Waldorf Education”, “Building Bridges”” or “Digital Reality in the Waldorf School”.

We invite all interested parents, teachers and upper-grade students to join us in our network and at our conferences!

On our website we collect useful links and information for current or aspiring Waldorf parents. It’s easy to get lost in all the available (digital) material – so sharing information and sources is one of ENSWaP’s core task. If you find books, articles or websites that you think might be relevant for other Steiner Waldorf parents, share it with us by sending an e-mail.

The structure of ENSWaP

ENSWaP is a network. One of its aims is to have at least one  representative from each European country. Furthermore, anyone willing to give the time and energy to work on strengthening the cooperation of Steiner Waldorf parents is welcome to join us.