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Dear Friends, we would like to invite you to our next ENSWaP Hour session which will focus on the situation of the Waldorf schools in Ukraine and the Waldorf parents, teachers and the children who have had to flee to Western Europe, as well as those who have stayed in their country. As Waldorf families we are part of a worldwide network that stretches far beyond the boundaries of the school to which we send our children. Although this may not be very visible in our daily routines, the Waldorf movement is intrinsically international and attempts to cross all artificial barriers and therefore the well-being of all our schools effects the whole. Through the media we have been aware of the war in Ukraine since February, and as ENSWAP, we believe that through our interest in the Waldorf teachers, parents and children, who have been directly confronted with this disaster, we can show understanding, solidarity and support. In this hour we will hear directly about their dilemmas, challenges and hopes.

The ENSWaP Hour is an hour-long meeting we plan for 3-6 times a year, where we have speakers, the chance to discuss issues that concern us. This school year our speakers come from diverse backgrounds and with diverse topics. As themes we will first have a look at the present situation of Ukrainian Waldorf families, then dive into what trauma pedagogy can bring to a wide range of children. From January onwards we will have speakers on media education, as a preparation for our conference in April with this theme.

Time: 2nd November 2022, 7 p.m. (CET)

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