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After our very successful first ENSWaP Hour with Giorgio Capellani and 170 participants from all over the world it is time for our second ENSWaP Hour! This will take place on

22 March 2021 at 7 p.m. (CET)

(6 p.m. (GMT) – for other areas: check your time zone to avoid confusion)

The ENSWaP Hour is a monthly meeting where we have speakers, and we have a chance to discuss issues that concern us. This school year our speakers are teachers who share their experiences in what concerns most of our children: online education, the COVID classroom. During the second of our ENSWaP Hours three teachers will join us from the UK and tell their stories: Hannah McCarthy, Pankaj Sulodia and Sam Greshoff.

Join us, listen to the experts: the teachers who are confronted with this strange reality every day.

We, as ENSWaP, can’t meet in person - let’s make the best of our digital means and meet online!

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Speaker profiles:

Hannah McCarthy is a Class teacher at the Greenwich Steiner School, London with over 10 years of experience working as a teacher and teacher trainer in Waldorf schools around the world including England, Germany, Thailand and the Middle East.

Hannah attended a Waldorf School and Waldorf College herself and after leaving University, where she studied Applied Arts, she went into an entirely different field of work, namely Marketing and Sales.

Hannah decided to leave that and embark on a new career in Education after realizing the value it has on everything for the future. She hasn’t looked back.

Not only is she interested in teaching the next generation to be creative, free-thinking individuals who value more than just intellect, but she also enjoys training and mentoring new teachers, helping and motivating them to become the best they can be and thereby continuing this valuable education for more children.

Hannah is completing a training in SEN which has reinforced her belief that movement and art are extremely valuable for children but also adults.

She continues to find new and exciting ways to incorporate these into each subject she teaches.

Pankaj Sulodia: I was born and grew up in New Delhi. As a boy I was hugely influenced by my teachers in India and perhaps this was the reason that I have been interested in working with and teaching children ever since I was a teenager.

After studying for a Bachelor in Computer Applications in New Delhi, I began to work as a graphic designer and became involved with a local NGO which was an educational organisation working with children and young people from low-income backgrounds.

I met Steiner’s ideas and philosophy in 2004 when I moved to the UK. Waldorf Education made perfect sense to me. Hearing/reading Rudolf Steiner’s lectures felt very familiar and comfortable. I completed Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training in 2007 from LWTTS, London.

My Waldorf teaching experience includes living-in and teaching the Waldorf Curative Curriculum at Camphill communities in Northern Ireland and England and teaching as a class teacher at Cardiff Steiner School and at Ringwood Waldorf School.

I became the class five teacher at Ringwood Waldorf School in 2016 and after saying farewell to class eight, I went back to class one in 2019.