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We are starting a monthly meeting where we have a speaker, and we have a chance to discuss issues that concern us.

This school year we will have teachers who share their experiences in what concerns most of our children: online education, the COVID classroom.

Join us, listen to the experts, the teachers who are confronted with this strange reality every day.

We, as ENSWaP, can’t meet in person - let’s make the best of our digital means and meet online!

The first of our ENSWaP Hours:


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Speaker profile: Giorgio Capellani, graduated in engineering from the polytechnic in Milan in 1985. Until 2014 Giorgio had several collaborations both in the domestic and in the international context with multinational companies in the information technology field, working in professional and managerial roles. Giorgio has been a lecturer for Marketing for Industrial Design at the Design Faculty of the Polytechnic in Milan. After attending the Waldorf Pedagogy Training, he currently teaches scientific subjects in the Waldorf School of Via Clericetti and at the Liceo of the Swiss School in Milan. Giorgio collaborates with the Seminars for Waldorf Teachers in Milan, Manduria and Oriago for the lectures in Physics and Chemistry. In parallel he works as a lecturer in the historical, technological and anthroposophical fields. He is the author of the book “Growing in the digital age” published by Edilibri.