ENSWaP Conference 2017

Building Bridges
5-7th May 2017
Ādaži, Latvia


5th May - Friday

15:00 Arrival and registration of participants at the Ādaži Waldorf School
16:00 Welcome and opening of the conference Small concert from the Latvian Waldorf Chorus of parents & friends
16:30 Presentation about Waldorf Education in Latvia The status of Waldorf education in Latvia, parents’ work in supporting teachers/school.
17:15 Coffee break, snacks
17:30 Lecture Presented by Christopher Clouder - Educator, lecturer, writer, founder of ECSWE
18:00 Being on a par with each other Presented by Ellen Niemann - representative of Waldorf parents The challenge of approaching cooperation in education The challenge of cooperation between parents and teachers in Waldorf schools Presented by Ahmed Abdel-Karim - former Waldorf parent (Germany)
19:30 Dinner

6th May - Saturday

09:00 Morning welcome Tour of the school, including the new buildings, followed by singing/eurythmy.
10:00 Report on outcomes of the meeting with ECSWE in January, 2017. Presented by Hilde Lengali (Norway) and Márti Domokos (Hungary)
11:00 Coffee, snacks
11:30 Sharing information about the cooperation experience among the school Parent Association, the National Parent Federation and the Waldorf Education Federation in Norway Presented by Hilde Lengali (Norway) Building Teacher-Parent realtionships Presented by Márti Domokos (Hungary) and Mariam Francq (France)
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Transfer to Riga Waldorf School via Riga
16:00 Tour in Riga Waldorf School
17:00 The importance of teachers and parents ”being on the same wave length” Presented by Māra Svilāne - Director of Riga Waldorf School Sharing and supporting the same values and life principles, building bridges between the school and the families.
18:00 Discussion, questions Coffee, snacks
18:30 Transfer back to Ādaži If time limit permits, we can visit the newest Waldorf School in Riga, which is in its 2nd year of operation.
20:00 Dinner

7th May - Sunday

09:00 Morning welcome Singing/eurythmy.
10:00 Building bridges into society after life in a Waldorf school Presented by Latvian Waldorf schoolchildren and alumni
11:00 Coffee, snacks
11:30 How we build bridges Presentation from the participating countries on the specific topic: "How we build bridges". Each representative is allocated 8-10 minutes. Each country should be ready to talk about specific ways they are building bridges between the school, community, parents, students and society.
13:00 Discussion, questions
13:30 Lunch
14:30 Summary of conference, comments
15:30 Closing of the conference, next year conference.

Programme last updated on 2nd February 2017.


Ādaži Free Waldorf School


Riga Waldorf School