About Us

ENSWaP is a forum for the mutual support of parents all over the world through the exchange of ideas and personal experiences concerning Steiner Waldorf education.

While ENSWaP has its roots back in the 90’s the current ENSWaP was started in 2007. Since then it has been growing steadily with more and more countries attending each year.

ENSWaP is still growing and evolving, as all living things are, yet it has shown itself to be a valuable forum for sharing of ideas regarding such important issues as teacher-parent conflicts, promotion, fund raising and more… issues that exist in the daily life of all Steiner Waldorf parents around the globe.

We believe that good things are even better when shared! As dedicated Steiner Waldorf parents we know how incredibly valuable Rudolf Steiner’s pedagogy is to children and we wish to share this phenomenal resource with other parents and children all over the world.

ENSWaP was created to support Steiner Waldorf parents all over the world as well as being a forum for outreach.

Core Principles

ENSWAP is founded on the principle that parents have a right to choose the appropriate education for their children. In this lies the recognition that education is a cultural activity where freedom is a high ideal and also a human right!

ENSWAP holds the view that the free choice of education implies that financial support should be equal for all educational settings.

ENSWAP supports the living and evolving pedagogical impulse based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas.

ENSWAP supports the understanding that children’s education relies on solid cooperation between parents and teachers.

ENSWAP is committed to developing appropriate processes and structures to support these aims.

“Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.”
– Rudolf Steiner

Name Change

During the spring internal meeting of the steering committee in Graz, it was thought that it was appropriate that: I (international) NSWAP should be changed to: E (european) NSWAP .

In reality, since the beginning of our existence in 2008, only EUROPEAN participants have attended, quite logically of course, even more so since the meetings have all taken place in different european countries.

Therefore our network is now called: European Network of Steiner Waldorf Parents (ENSWaP).

However, it must be noted that Enswap is open to ALL PARENTS (and friends) of Steiner Waldorf schools worldwide! Hoping that all our friends will remember this and join as!
We will be more than happy to welcome ALL!


2007: The International Waldorf Parents Network (IWPN)
During the meeting in Prague in 2006, it was decided to restructure IWPA into a network association. This was decided, because few countries had established national parents associations at the time, and a network in which individual parents participate was believed to be a better approach.

During the meeting in Prague it was also decided to establish a website at www.waldorfparents.net. SFF (Norway) volunteered to create the website.

2003: The International Waldorf Parents Association (IWPA)
After the closure of EFRSWSP, the parents associations in Sweden and Norway initiated the establishment of the International Waldorf Parent Association (IWPA) in 2003.

2003: Pribram
2004: Prague
2006: Prague

Members of EFRSWSP were:
Austria, Belgia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estland, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxemburg, The Nederlands, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, England.

English was the working language in EFRSWSP.

EFRSWSP was closed in 2000.

EFRSWSP and ECSWS met up to 3 times per year in different European cities.
1992 Norrkšping
1993 København, Luxemburg and Ljubljana
1994 Madrid, Wien and Tønsberg
1995 Turku, Budapest and Antwerpen
1996 Salzburg, Strasbourg and Zagreb
1997 Aachen, Tallin and Luxemburg
1998 Stockholm
1999 Stavanger
2000 Hannover, Paris
2001 Aberdeen

The international Waldorf Parent History
1992: EFRSWSP established:
The history of the former European Federation of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf School Parents (EFRSWSP) (1992-2001):
In August 1992 an initiative was launched in Norrkšping, Sweden to form an European parents association to cooperate with the European Council of Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Schools (ECSWS). Members of EFRSWSP had to be delegated from national parents associations in countries where they resided.